Training and Coaching


As individual athlete it is sometimes very hard to make progress without some help. You may think you've reached your highest level. Often this is not true! I'm specialised to make a perfect analysis on how you practise and how we can maximize this for an even better result. This is tailor made for each and every athlete. And of course we can do this in co-operation with your personal coach. He or she gives the technical input. I provide for the practical translation and the "tools" to improve both technically and mentally. With that comes a correct planning so you can finally make structural changes within your sports career.

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Partcipating in sports is almost allways participating with others. This is certainly true in team sports, but in individual sports as well there are many times group training sessions, group activities and joined partcipation in matches. This brings along other affairs concerning e.g. organisation, social behaviour and
  planning.  And it demands a different way of training and coaching.
  The dynamic group process almost allways determines the outcome of
the performance. Individual class only blossoms in a team that is well
  I can help groups and trainers and coaches of teams to chart these
  group processes and learn to use them as a source of energy.

  An other form of group training is handing knowledge and skills
  to trainers and coaches. With the transfer of knowledge the staff gets
  more expertise and raises the level of quality of their guidance to
  athletes. Investing in the coaching staff is the most sensible and
  wise decision a board of an association can take.
  It improves directly the level of enjoyment in sports of their members!

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You want to do some team building. Or there is a lack of communication, co-operation or appreciation for each other on a departement. CE provides clinics with the means Sport to come swiftly and directly to the core of the problem. You will experience first hand that sport provides an excellent stage to do teambuilding and work on group processes. It is literally to get into motion, why the chance of continued change is bigger than when people just discuss this with each other in a standard company training. All roll play included!
Of course it is of utmost importance to get a clear agreement on the wished improvement in order to achieve the proper transfer from the sport field into the office. All clinics shall be made in cooperation with you to ensure we reach the desired goals you envision.

It is also possible to organise a clinic with the help of players of the Dutch National Bowling team!

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