The Secret


And also not mysterious. Everyone can perform well. Some people already can perform easily  because they have been awarded with a lot of natural gifts from their parents and the environment they grew up in. Others will have to put in a lot of hard work to catch up. But no matter what, everybody can learn how to perform better!

Performing needs quick and correct decision making. And sometimes it asks for more deliberate thoughts and actions. Behaviour that witnesses the intuitive sensing of the situation. As if one already knows what's about to happen. The winner always seems to be one step ahead of the pack.


Wisdom, insight, intuition

Words that describe attributions which we desire to possess. We would love to have wisdom. To know what to do and preferably in advance. To sense the right steps. How can we achieve this level of consciousness?

Knowledge, experience

Knowledge and experience are the fundamentals of wisdom, insight and intuition. Knowledge and experience is acquired by doing and learning what works and what doesn't. By listening and observing. By reading and writing.

Facts, information

Information is a collection of (structured) facts and supplies the building materials of knowledge and experience. Facts are in principal still meaningless. By arranging them in a certain order they deliver information and start to get meaning in becoming knowledge and experience.

Data, details

Details and data are the raw elements of facts and information. The more pure these elements are, the more pure the information will be. That, in it's turn, provides a more clear experience and gaining of correct knowledge. Insight will grow sooner and better. Wisdom starts to dawn!


Changing Experience helps people to

  • sharpen their sensory observations
  • thus become more aware of what can be seen, heard, tasted, smelled and felt (tactile and kinesthetic)
  • accept the data collected in that fashion for what it is, namely: data
  • distinguish facts from fiction
  • withhold from judgements, assumptions and convictions
  • experience that focussing of ones attention leads to insight and flow