» Individual training and coaching

Wendy Kok, member of the Dutch National team, European (2004) and World Junior Champion (2006), European Champion Ladies (2006), winner of the Slovenia Open (European Bowling Tour 2010), European record holder 3/6 games Teams (2010; silver medal).

"Since 2005 Jack is my personal bowlingcoach. Our cooperation is very pleasant and very effective. Through these years we use an effective method which gave my bowling career a very positive direction. My achievements on international events are a result of this method. Jack makes sure he keeps himself up to date on the latest developments and because of that I can continue to develop and improve myself.  Especially the mental aspects which he incorporates in our training sessions are very important to me. Sometimes confronting but certainly very interesting! " 

» Group training and coaching

In the season of 2009-2010 Changing Experience has done a pilot on penalty kick training at VVSB, Topclass Sunday Amateurs, in cooperation with Rico Schuijers, sportpsychologist and chairman of VSPN (Association of Sportpsychologists Netherlands).

The trainers of the youth selection teams F - A were coached in two work shops and two practice sessions in giving adequate help which is resilient to the pressure of the match. 


» In Company training and coaching


As a follow up on a presentation of Toon Gerbrands, CE of football club AZ, CE Paul Baan of VLC offered him a bowling clinic with Jack Edelaar.

"As soon as the clinic starts it is clear that this is not about just some tips and trics and a little technical training. Jack uses the topsport approach he also uses for topbowlers from various countries. Especially the mental aspect and the emphasis on concentration are determining his approach. The knowledge and experience gained in this clinic created an unexpected impact. It is not just about bowling, this is also benificiary in daily life and business."

Paul Baan, CE VLC

For a group of Physical Education teachers of InHolland, on invitation of Wim van Gelder, Foundation MRT in Beweging, CE has provided a bowling clinic preceded by a presentation on 'Learning of Motor Skills'.

"Jack has a clear vision on how motor skills can be best taught. On the part of feedback he says: do not think while in action. Think before. Traditional (on body directed) feedback of teachers and coaches often disrupt the learning process. Provide for non normed or valued feedback. Let the child/player think less and feel more. Do nothing when a child/player is learning.

The Differential Learning I have experienced myself. Through directing my attention in divers manners, I succeed more and more to throw the ball with a curve. The question (for a researcher) is: better than the traditional way? For me at least it becomes clear that this method (based on diversity in attention strategies) kept my attention at a high level, which made the quality of my learning process high!

Emotion: funny and good that Jack had a lot of attention for the emotions attached to bowling/moving. Very important – especially in education – to let children move freely in order to maximize joy and maximize learning. Also a kind of facilitating.

Also interesting what he said about the 10.000 hour rule in Topsport. This is a rule that lives within the traditional view on (motor) learning as a golden rule. Possibly with new/modern methodes it will show that this number can be much lower!"

Wim van Gelder, co-owner 'Alles in Beweging'

As part of a corporate team training of two weeks, CE organised an English spoken bowlingclinic on the first training day, combining fun and learning experiences in order to let the group members, from various parts Europe, team together better and quicker

Jack treated our corporate team outing to a masterclass in bowling. Clear in his coaching and passionate in the sport, Jack brought both a sense of fun as well as a new skill to the participants, making the overall event one to remember. Even in such a large group, we all felt he was giving a bit of  himself to us as individuals, as well as the team.
Highly recommended!

Andy Knott, Training director Nalco Europe, Middle East, Africa