Performing is acting in the right way at the right moment. Both in sports and in daily life. People who are successful seem to do this almost naturally. Like they're born with it.

Nothing is more true. Although natural talents, given by parents and upbringing, play an important role, the critical factors of success are easily to identify and ..... to learn!

Make sure you are properly prepared on the starting line. Learn to know the secret behind performing well and consistently ...read moreread  

Individual training and coaching

Mental and technical/tactical skills should go hand in hand! Changing Experience has succeeded to make this combination easily accesible for everyone. So one can learn from the very beginning the right techniques and make the right decisions when it really matters: under pressure! 

Changing Experience has something to offer for every athlete in every sport. Are you that rising talent? Are you that top athlete who finally wants to break through? Or are you just interested in your own development to become a full grown athlete without the need to capture the world?

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Group training and coaching 

Changing Experience has something to offer for every group in every sport. Do you train or coach a team or a group of individual athletes and do you wish for more leverage on their total development? Are you a board member of an association and do you seek to offer your coaches more than just the necessary technical knowledge? In search for a constant upgrade of the quality level of your staff?

Go directly to Group training and coaching to see what Changing Experience has to offer.


Corporate training and coaching

Participating in sport is good for everybody. That goes for companies as well. Whether it's a sportive company outing, or guided changes in company processes by means of sport, as a total training or an activating part of a course, Changing Experience offers the desired content.

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